A former Kodiak resident is being charged with felony theft after allegedly defrauding the state out of more than $6,000.

According to a police report, Consolacion B. Ramirez applied for assistance from the Adult Public Assistance Program here in Kodiak in 2013. After an interview with an eligibility technician, she was granted $362 per month in benefits beginning in November 2013.

She continued to receive benefits every month until May 2017 when a fraud detection unit stopped Ramirez’s benefits based on information that she no longer lived in Alaska, according to reports.

Investigators noted that Ramirez did not apply for a PFD benefit in 2017, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement records revealed that Ramirez had departed the U.S. for Manila, Philippines, in January 2016.

A review of Ramirez’s file did show that she filed a change report form in December 2015, which stated “Jan. 17-2016 Not Coming Back.”

According to the affidavit, it appears the state did not understand Ramirez’s statement or made a mistake because benefits continued to be paid.

An investigator gained access to Ramirez’s checking account, which showed the benefits being directly deposited into that account. It also showed that all transactions were made outside of Alaska from February 2016 forward, according to reports.

The investigator noted, however, that Ramirez continued to spend all of her APA benefit. “As a result, Ramirez unlawfully obtained and fraudulently spent $6,154.00 worth of APA,” the report states.

The resulting charge was theft in the second degree, a felony. 

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