Pickled Willys

Hannah Belisle tastes samples of smoked black cod tips as Pickled Willys co-founder and CEO Bill Alwert looks on. The smoked black cod tips won the People's Choice award in the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, an annual contest for new products made from Alaska seafood — Pickled Willys won in Seattle, Juneau and Anchorage

Bill Alwert of Pickled Willys says he was tickled pink over his black cod tips.

“It was pretty neat doing this,” he said. “There were a lot of other people out there.”

Alwert was referring to the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, an annual contest for new products made from Alaska seafood, which declared Pickled Willys’ black cod tips winner in the People’s Choice category for all three venues — Seattle, Juneau and Anchorage.

Pickled Willys also won first place in the food service category.

The first-place winners from each category and the grand-prize winner will receive booth space at the distinguished Seafood Expo North America in March, as well as airfare to and from the show, contest organizers said.

The grand prize was awarded to Arctic Paws’ Yummy Chummies Dog Treats. It was the first year that the competition included Beyond the Plate, a new category that showcases co-products made from non-traditional fish parts, such as fish waste or by-products of the primary processing.

“This competition has exposed our product to so many people and we are excited to present it in Boston at Seafood Expo North America,” said Alwert’s niece, Barbara Hughes.

Hughes said the product is made from the sweet meat from the sable collars, separated out and hot-smoked to perfection and ready to eat.

The black cod tips are vacuum-sealed in half-pound packages at $16.50 for the spicy version and $15.50 for non-spicy, Alwert said.

The store on Shelikof Street also sells leather products, including wallets made from salmon skin, available for $23 to $60.

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