A Kodiak woman was charged with four felonies after allegedly breaking into a local home and stealing a dog, a pair of Spy brand sunglasses, a pistol and $200 worth of makeup.

The Alaska State Troopers received a call Tuesday at 2:18 p.m. from a resident who said her home on Sean Circle had been burglarized and the suspect was her 26-year-old niece, Skyler Waite.

The woman had brought Waite — who had been living on the streets — into her home Saturday to feed her and give her clothing, according to the court documents. While Waite was inside the home, she tried to take a pair of Spy brand sunglasses valued at $180, but was stopped by another person. 

Waite’s aunt gave her an olive green backpack with clothes and toiletries and Waite left. Later in the day, the family discovered Waite had left a black backpack that she had been carrying on their porch. 

On Tuesday, Waite’s aunt and other family members left for work at about 8:10 a.m., according to court documents. The black backpack was still on the front porch. When they returned later, it was gone.  

When they went inside, they discovered that a make-up bag with $200 worth of Bare Minerals makeup, the sunglasses, a Glock Model 22 .40 caliber pistol and their Shih Tzu dog named Koda were gone. The total value of the theft amounted to about $700, according to the documents. 

About an hour and a half later, troopers received a call saying Waite had been seen on Spruce Cape Road. The trooper and his partner found Waite wearing the same brand of sunglasses reported missing and carrying both the black and olive green backpacks. 

A woman who was with Waite when the troopers arrived, said she had seen Waite with the missing dog and had stopped to get him back. Waite told the trooper her aunt had let her borrow the sunglasses and had given her some Bare Minerals lotion, according to the documents.

After the trooper asked Waite about the dog, she said she had gone to her aunt’s house to see how they were doing and found the dog outside, so she decided to take him with her since the family was not home. 

Waite was arrested and handcuffed, and both backpacks were seized. The trooper received a search warrant through Anchorage Court and recovered the Glock Model 22 pistol and the Bare Minerals makeup case. 

Waite was charged with two class C felonies: one for the theft of a firearm and one for theft of property or services amounting to a total value between $750 and $25,000. 

She also was charged with two class B felonies: one for being armed with a firearm while in the building (or in flight from the building), and one for entering or remaining unlawfully in a building with intent to commit a crime. 

A court date is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Sept. 3. 

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