A man faces assault charges after allegedly hitting two people with a wrench. One of the people hit was a woman who hugged the alleged offender in an effort to prevent him from attacking her husband, according to the police report.

Luis Lopez, 25, faces one count of second-degree assault and two third-degree assault charges after an incident on March 22. All three charges are felonies.

According to charging documents, Kodiak Police officers received a 911 call around 1 a.m. that morning from a man who told them he was bleeding. He said Lopez had struck him on the head with a crowbar and was at a Willow Street residence now threatening the man’s mother and father. 

Police sped to the scene and located Lopez. The officers identified themselves, and Lopez allegedly fled the scene. Police said Lopez jumped over a fence and into a backyard, tried to climb a hill behind the house and then hid behind a shed. 

He eventually surrendered himself, and police noted that he appeared to be drunk. Lopez was taken to the Kodiak Jail. 

The man who made the initial 911 call told police that Lopez had been angry with him because Lopez thought he’d taken his car keys. The man said Lopez had allegedly punched him three times and hit him over the head with a wrench. 

He ran home, and Lopez allegedly followed him. 

According to the man’s mother and father, their son came home bleeding from a gash in his head. His father went outside to see what happened. At that point, Lopez allegedly went after the father with a wrench he was holding, telling him he was going to kill him. 

The mother then approached Lopez and hugged him, which she told police she hoped would prevent him from attacking her husband. In the process, Lopez allegedly hit the mother in the face with the wrench. 

The father told police that Lopez then allegedly started trying to knock a brick loose from the neighbor’s yard to throw it at him. He told police that he thought Lopez was trying to kill him. 

The man who suffered the wrench blow had to get five stitches on his head. The mother suffered a bruise on the side of her face. 

Lopez’s next court hearing is April 12. 

One of the charges is second-degree assault, meaning that Lopez allegedly “intended to cause physical injury to another person and caused injury to another person with a dangerous instrument.” 

The other two are third-degree assault charges, meaning he allegedly placed another person in harm’s way with a dangerous instrument.  



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