Two men who allegedly stole more than $5,000 of brass and copper items from Nick’s Auto Wrecking Salvage and Metal Recycling have been arrested by Alaska State Troopers.

Timothy Kimmel, 49, and Walter Erickson, 27, were arraigned in Kodiak superior court on April 29 for three counts of second-degree theft apiece. Second-degree theft charges are class C felonies and punishable by up to five years in jail and a $50,000 fine.

According to court documents, Nick Troxell Sr., owner of the salvage yard, reported a theft on March 24.

During the investigation, troopers determined the stolen items included eight large brass valves, an assortment of copper wire, two smaller brass valves and a copper coil wire approximately five feet long by 14 inches in diameter.

The stolen items were valued at $5,744.60. The total weight of the brass was approximately 1,800 pounds and the total weight of the copper was approximately 419 pounds.

Troopers wrote that at the time of the theft, the market price for scrap was $2.40 per pound for brass and $3.40 per pound for copper.

Nick Troxell Jr. discovered the missing inventory, and recalled the red-painted valves were unique and recognizable, the report reads.

Troxell Jr. called another scrap metal dealer in Kodiak to see if he had received any scrap that included the painted brass valves. The other dealer confirmed he had received them from Kimmel, the report reads.

The other scrap dealer told troopers he had two recent transactions with Kimmel and showed them the items Kimmel had sold him. Those items matched the ones stolen from Troxell. The second scrap dealer provided troopers a description of another man, later identified as Erickson, who was with Kimmel at the time of the transaction.

Erickson was a former employee of Nick’s Auto Wreckage Salvage & Metal Recycling who was “recently fired when they believed he was embezzling funds from the salvage yard,” the report reads.

The other scrap dealer positively identified Erickson in a photographic lineup.

Erickson was arrested at his home on April 27, and Kimmel turned himself into Kodiak City Jail on April 29.

Kodiak superior court judge Steve Cole set bail conditions for Kimmel and Erickson at $5,000 and a court-approved third-party custodian.

Nick Troxell Sr., owner of Nick’s Auto Wrecking Salvage & Metal Recycling, declined to comment on the case.

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