The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly on Thursday will vote on a resolution on small competitive nonprofit grants that would evenly split available funds between applicant agencies.

Small competitive grants are just one component of the borough’s nonprofit funding. 

A total of $179,500 in noncompetitive grants to eight agencies, including $12,000 in grants to three groups from the tourism fund, was approved in the fiscal year 2018 budget. 

Organizations that do not receive funding through noncompetitive grants can still request up to $5,000 in borough funding through the new small competitive grant process. A total of $40,000 is available for these grants. The borough received 12 applications.

With the proposal under consideration on Thursday, Kodiak Teen Court and American Red Cross would receive office space rather than a check. However, funds for rent are taken from the borough’s fund balance. 

The remaining 10 agencies would then split the available funds, with each receiving $4,000. 

Criteria for small competitive grant scoring was not available to applicants at the time of application, so assembly member Rebecca Skinner suggested the assembly split the money amongst the applicants rather than make them wait longer and potentially go through the application process again. 

“I do think we need criteria. I don’t think we should be evaluating any grants unless the people knew what the criteria was we were going to use,” said assembly member Rebecca Skinner in recommending splitting funds equally.

If approved, the assembly would still go through scoring the agency applications in order to vet the process for future years. 

“I do think that we won’t find the holes in this until we go through it one year and that’s the way to proceed forward,” explained assembly member Scott Smiley. 


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