In the wake of a car accident where a driver hit a pedestrian in front of Safeway on the evening of Nov. 19, officials advise the public to be careful walking in the dark. 

“We live in a dark place during winter and anything that would let you be seen and be safe is what we recommend,” said Lt. Francis de la Fuente, referring to reflective and light colored clothing or small lights.   

According to police, the driver was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. 

“It was one of those dark nights and she (the driver) just failed to yield 

The driver could contest the citation through the court system, de la Fuente said.

After the woman was hit, a citizen called 911. 

Two officers and medics responded. The victim was transported to the hospital. 

In a Facebook post, the victim posted about the incident. She thanked the doctor, nurses and medical staff who took care of her and also thanked the community member who stayed with her to make sure she did not black out. 

She also wrote that the driver stayed with her and helped her get to a safe location before the ambulance arrived. The driver also checked on her at the hospital. 

A passerby who did not see the accident wrote in a Facebook post that she heard a scream when it happened. 

The lieutenant advised community members who walk to work or school to try to avoid wearing dark clothing and to try to be seen. 

For this reason, the Police Department issues reflective vests to their officers,  and early one morning in October, officers handed out portable lights to students. 

“We try to do it yearly, courtesy of State Farm. It’s been our third year that a private business has given us things to distribute to the kids that walk,” de la Fuente said. 




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