There were 410 properties in the Kodiak Island Borough that were behind on taxes as of Feb.12, according to a list published by the borough government every February.

The amount of overdue taxes totals $622,000. 

Despite a rough economic year brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers are lower than in 2018 and 2017, when there were 422 and 423 properties, respectively, that owed taxes. In 2019, there were 382. 

In 2019, $641,000 was owed, with $747,000 owed in 2018 and $759,00 owed in 2017. 

As of Feb. 17, 46 of the properties that owed taxes had fully paid what they owed. Twenty others have made partial payments. 

The borough generally gets almost all the money owed in the year the taxes are due. Somewhere close to 99% of total taxes owed are collected in the year they are due or the year after.

The rest eventually gets paid, unless the property is destroyed, through small claims actions if necessary, Borough Manager Michael Powers wrote in an email. Tax bills are not removed unless the person who owes the money presents evidence in favor of a correction or adjustment. 

There is a scattering of nonprofits that owe money. Under Alaska statute, nonprofits must apply for tax-exempt status. 

They must prove that the property is used exclusively for nonprofit religious, charitable, cemetery, hospital or educational purposes to be exempt from taxation for the calendar year in which the application is filed. 

In some instances, like if a nonprofit organization owns vacant or unimproved land, then that land can be taxed. 

The borough has added several more options for taxes to be paid. It now accepts credit/debit card payments over the phone at 907-486-9323 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday).

Also, the online payment portal at is now easier to use, offering credit/debit payments and electronic check options. The borough also offers an automated payment option for credit/debit cards by dialing 1-888-466-3207

The Kodiak Daily Mirror publishes a full list of all tax delinquent properties on four Fridays in February and March. The properties were delinquent as of Feb. 12. 

One publication went out Feb. 12, another will go out Feb. 19, the third on Feb. 26 and the fourth on March 5.

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