Baseball gloves

Gloves from Kodiak Post 17 players are piled on the artficial turf at Baranof Field Thursday afternoon. (Derek Clarkston photo)

Kodiak Post 17’s Shaun Walton and Seth Rockenbach earned American Legion baseball all-state honors during last week’s state and Matson tournaments. 

Both rising juniors were honorable mentions on the Team of Excellence All-State team. 

Walton earned the nod as a starting pitcher and utility player — he played six different positions for Post 17. 

On the mound, the right-hander walked only six hitters in 36 innings during the 18-game regular season.

Walton was hurt by Kodiak’s lack of offense all season as the only win he recorded was in the Matson Invitational, a 5-4 win over West Anchorage. 

During the regular season, he authored five scoreless innings against Dimond, held leads over Ketchikan (2-1 in seventh) and Bartlett (3-0 in fifth).

Rockenbach, a left-handed centerfielder, led Kodiak with a .262 batting average and a .462 on-base percentage. He powered two doubles, two triples and drove in seven. 

Post 17 concluded its season last week with a 4-24 record. 

First team

Starting Pitcher 

Philip Wall, Juneau Post 25; Nolan Monaghan,Wasilla Post 35; Bryce Swafford, Juneau Post 25; Sam Hanson, Chugiak Post 33; Cody Curfman, Chugiak Post 33; Matthew Daugherty, Kenai Post 20; Joe Becher, Kenai Post 20; Parker Johnson, South Post 4; Jake Andresen, Dimond Post 21

Relief Pitcher 

Nick Hall, Service Post 28; Kaden Roettger, Dimond Post 21; Calvin Hills, Kenai Post 20.


Colin King, Fairbanks Post 30; Raleigh Pigg Service Post 28; Matt Hess, Chugiak Post 33; Charlie Bucolo, Chugiak Post 33; Josh Darrow, Kenai Post 20; Dylan Montagna, Dimond Post 21; Parker Johnson, South Post 4.


Nolan Monaghan, Wasilla Post 35; Finn Collins, Juneau Post 25; Kasey Watts, Juneau Post 25; Nick Hall, Service Post 28; Vander LeKites, Chugiak Post 33; Paul Steffenson, Kenai Post 20; Calvin Hills, Kenai Post 20.


Mike Cesar, Juneau Post 25; Cody Curfman, Chugiak Post 33; Julito Fazzini, South Post 4.


Jeffrey Forster, Wasilla Post 35; Wyatt Berg, Fairbanks Post 30; Cooper Bailey Parsons Service Post 28; Sladen Mohl, South Post 4. 

Honorable mention

Starting Pitcher

Koby Burns Wasilla Post 35; Hank Boyer Wasilla Post 35; Shaun Walton Kodiak Post 17; Seth Hinson Bartlett Post 28; Gavin Petterson Kenai Post 20; Jack Carson Ketchikan Post 3; Cooper McLaughlin Palmer Post 15.

Relief Pitcher

Matt Hess Chugiak Post 33; Cody Leslie South Post 4.


Matt Palmer, Wasilla Post 35; Ben Werner, Wasilla Post 35; Hank Boyer, Wasilla Post 35; Ben Hall, Fairbanks Post 30; Bryce Swafford, Juneau Post 25; Zeb Storie, Juneau Post 25; Sam Hanson, Chugiak Post 33; Matthew Daugherty, Kenai Post 20; Joe Becher, Kenai Post 20; Gavin Petterson, Kenai Post 20; Noah King, Ketchikan Post 3; Aaron Davis, Eagle River; Jared Froslie, Eagle River; Seth Hinson, Bartlett Post 28; Anthony Maldonado, South Post 4; Derek McGinnis, South Post 4; Luis Nunez, West Post 1; Stanley Nolberto, East Post 34; Jake Andresen, Dimond Post 21; Kaden Roettger, Dimond Post 21; Kyle Henrickson, Dimond Post 21; Derek Scoggins, Service Post 28; Carl Gatter, East Post 34.


Koby Burns, Wasilla Post 35; Seth Rockenbach, Kodiak Post 17; Ronan Klancher, Service Post 28; Wyatt Shults, Palmer Post 15; Tyler Borschnack, Bartlett Post 28.


Shaun Walton, Kodiak Post 17; Bela Armstrong, Fairbanks Post 11; London Emerson, Fairbanks Post 11; Lauuli Tosi, East Post 34.


Shawn Sande, Ketchikan Post 3.

Coaches of the year

Joe Thompkins, Juneau Post 25; Rob Quelland, Kenai Post 20; Willie Paul, Service Post 28; Dan Montagna Dimond Post 21.

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