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A Kodiak man who had been released from jail to a drug treatment facility was arrested last week in Ninilchik after failing to appear in court.

Richard Knagin, 26, had been staying at the Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Alaska Campus, a Wasilla facility offering alcohol and drug addiction recovery services, prior to his failure to appear, according to court documents.

Those documents indicate the court received an email indicating Knagin had left the facility.

The missed omnibus hearing on July 25 prompted issuance of a warrant for his arrest.

According to an Alaska State Trooper report, troopers were on scene at the site of a possible disturbance in Ninilchik on Aug. 4, when they stopped a vehicle associated with the address for “numerous equipment violations.”

Troopers identified Knagin as the passenger of that vehicle and he was arrested, the report states.

Knagin was originally arrested by troopers in May after he and Desiree Heglin were allegedly found in possession of stolen items from East Elementary School, St. Paul Lutheran Preschool and Camp Mueller Youth Center.

He was released on $5,000 bond in late May, but was arrested again on June 20 by the Kodiak Police Department.

According to that police affidavit, Knagin was sleeping on the floor of the Kodiak Post Office when he was contacted by a KPD officer. During a conversation, Knagin showed erratic behavior, and a syringe the officer identified as “the type preferred by intravenous drug users to inject liquid solutions of controlled substances” fell from the waistband of his pants.

He was released again on July 20, this time to the Wasilla treatment facility.

During his second bail hearing on July 21, the court indicated the second release was only considered because he would be going to an off-island drug treatment facility, according to court documents.

Knagin was arraigned Aug. 5 in Homer. An omnibus hearing is scheduled for Aug. 15 at the Kodiak courthouse.

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