The Kodiak Island Borough School District is eliminating the activities director position at the high school for the 2014-15 school year.

Superintendent Stewart McDonald told the Daily Mirror on Monday that the district has decided to abandon a high school AD in favor of a district-wide athletic administrator.

The new position will still be in charge of the high school activities and athletic department and will also be tasked to look over the middle and rural schools athletic and activities programs.

Current KHS activities director Bryan Ferris will not take over this position next year. Ferris only has a teaching certificate; the new position requires an administrator certificate.

Ferris said he was told about the new position from KHS principal Phil Johnson and added that the district has offered him a teaching position at the high school for the next school year.

“I wasn’t in the process of restructuring so it was the first time I had heard of this change,” Ferris said. “It surprised me at the time, but I have come to grips with it as I have had more time.”

Having a school-wide athletic director will save the district money, McDonald said. The activities administrator will work with the distance delivery program and help coordinate the rural schools with the middle and high schools.

“Right now, we have as many as four individuals working on all of these components,” McDonald said. “What we will be able to do is focus one person doing all of this for the exact same cost of the athletic director at the high school.”

McDonald added that the district is putting an emphasis on training certification of coaches and coach evaluations, something Ferris hasn’t been asked to do in his five years as AD because he does not have an administrative certificate.

“It is just a function of the job and the role,” McDonald said. “It is certainly not a function of the person. We love Bryan; he is amazing. Nobody is getting rid of Bryan.”

Ferris said he often works more than eight hours a day as the high school AD. His job starts in late July and ends in early June. McDonald said the high school activities secretary would remain on staff to help the new athletic administrator.

“I fully recognize the busyness of that one job,” McDonald said.

McDonald said the district hasn’t made the role vacant and hasn’t gone through the steps of filling the position.

Ferris is completing his fifth year as AD and 24th year in the district.

“With this change, I hope that our programs can only get stronger and our kids have more opportunities to compete and to participate,” Ferris said.

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