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The man who pleaded guilty to reduced charges after a string of underwear thefts was arraigned Wednesday for violating his conditions of release.

Ryan Cornelio, 19, allegedly violated his conditions of release by going to Baranof Park to play basketball and driving to White Sands Beach.

Originally required to stay at home, Cornelio’s conditions were later revised allowing him out of the house with a third-party custodian to run errands or visit family, but keeping him from attending community events and functions in order to keep him from running into the victims.

Cornelio was accompanied by his mother during the alleged violations, but it came down to an interpretation of the restrictions.

Judge Steve Cole said neither the drive to White Sands Beach nor playing basketball with friends was a large function, but it would be a stretch to call either one an errand or a visit with relatives.

Cole set Cornelio’s bail at $500 with a third-party custodian.

Judge William Morse, who has been presiding over the case, may revisit the bail terms in the future because, Cole said, Morse has more knowledge of the details about the case.

Cornelio pleaded guilty on March 25 to two counts of attempted burglary in the second degree after he allegedly stole women’s underwear from multiple residences. Troopers allegedly found more than 100 pairs in his room. He is set to be sentenced in that case on July 1.

Julie Herrmann is a staff writer at the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Contact her at (907) 486-3227.

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