A Kodiak man faces multiple charges for allegedly driving an all-terrain vehicle on the road under the influence of alcohol, according to court documents.  

Jeffrey Ryser, 30, is facing a felony charge after failing to stop at the direction of a peace officer, and a misdemeanor for driving while intoxicated, according to the documents. 

At around 1 a.m. Friday, police received reports that a blue and black ATV was being driven on Center Avenue. 

A police officer who was patrolling the area found the ATV as it was passing the intersection of Mission Road and Center Avenue. 

The police affidavit states that Ryser drove away at a high speed when he saw the patrol car.

The officer turned on his emergency lights and pursued Ryser on to Kashevaroff Avenue but lost sight of the vehicle after Ryser then turned on to Mill Bay Road. 

The officer turned off his emergency lights and proceeded to patrol the area for the ATV. During his patrol, a pedestrian told him he saw the ATV turning on to the Near Island bridge. 

The officer drove to Near Island, parking at Northend Park and hearing the sound of the ATV approaching the officer’s location at a high speed from the direction of Ramp 1 at the Saint Herman Harbor. 

The officer activated his emergency lights, and Ryser sped away from the officer, turning right on to Trident Way.  

With the help of an Alaska State Trooper, the officer patrolled Trident Way until he saw the ATV at Rotary Park, where the officer said he saw the ATV approaching him. 

The officer activated his emergency lights again in an attempt to stop Ryser and got out of his car shining his flashlight to conduct a high-risk traffic stop. 

Ryser sped away from the officer. 

The officer and the trooper pursued Ryser as he was speeding down Rezanof Drive East, following him as he turned left on Benny Benson Drive and right on Mill Bay Road. 

The ATV began slowing and eventually stopped on Island Lake Road. 

According to court documents, after the officers removed Ryser from the ATV, they saw two open beer cans in the vehicle’s cup holders. 

The officer read Ryser his rights and could smell the odor of alcohol coming from him. 

According to the documents, Ryser refused to speak with the officer and to submit to a sobriety test. 

Ryser was taken to the Kodiak Jail where he took a chemical breath test that registered 0.210 breath alcohol content, according to the documents.  

Ryser had been previously charged for failing to stop at the direction of a police officer in September 2012. 

Bail and court hearing information was not immediately available.

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