The Kodiak Island Borough assembly approved a contract for road maintenance and snow removal in the Womens Bay Service Area and failed to approve a contract for similar work on borough grounds.

Staff had recommended that both contracts be awarded to MK Enterprises.

Five bids were received for the contract for borough grounds work, and at the beginning of the Thursday assembly meeting during public comment, representatives from two of the companies that bid but were not awarded the contract said they had issues with the way the bids were tabulated.

Assembly member Rebecca Skinner was the sole no vote. Four assembly members were present at the meeting, and an issue must have a majority of all the assembly members, at least four yes votes, in support in order to pass.

Skinner said the initial bid tabulation showed no clear lowest bidder, so a different process using a scenario was used to determine a low bidder.

"The fact that a scenario would be used was not addressed in the (request for proposals), and I think that some of the bidders' concern goes to adding an element of assessment that was not anticipated," Skinner said.

She was concerned that the scenario didn't match the way equipment would be used.

Assembly member Dan Rohrer said most of the bidders did not include all of the paperwork required, but a legal opinion had said that was not a problem as long as the missing information did not impact prices or other important parts of the bid.

Rohrer also said he appreciated that the borough had received so many bids.

"I don't have a doubt for a minute that all five could successfully do the contract, nor would I be opposed to having any one of the five work for me, that's how comfortable I am with all five contractors," Rohrer said.

Since the assembly failed to award the contract, borough assessor Bill Roberts, who was the administrative official for the meeting due to the manager's absence, said the borough will issue a request for proposals for the work again, possibly with some changes made to the RFP.

The second contract for sanding, maintenance and plowing of the Womens Bay Service Area roads was approved by the assembly.

Four of the five companies that submitted bids for the borough grounds contract also submitted bids for the service area contract.

Skinner said she did not have the same concerns with the contract as she had with the previous one. She said she believed the methodology to determine the lowest price had been agreed on in advance and a clear lowest bidder was found.

Neither contract had a set price but would be paid on a time and materials basis.

Julie Herrmann is a staff reporter at the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Contact her at 486-3227 ext. 627.

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