Lori Siebe

Lori Siebe owns Well Being Massage and Rossiter. (Nicole Klauss photo)

There’s a new way for people in Kodiak to recover from carpal tunnel, back pain and other aches.

Lori Siebe, owner of Well Being Massage and Rossiter, has reopened her massage business with an additional service — Rossiter workouts.

Rossiter is a two-person stretching workout intended to adjust connective tissue in order to allow people to move without pain.

“The theory with Rossiter is that the issues are caused by constrictive connective tissues that’s tightened up like Saran Wrap,” Siebe said. “It makes it where you can’t move. The stretches open up that connective tissue and give you space back. It allows for pain-free movement.”

In most cases, the stretching gives a client an instant improvement, depending on how chronic the condition is, Siebe said.

Siebe works with the client to do the stretches together. During the workout, she may use her foot to add weight to the patient’s body. The weight of the foot helps loosen tissue for deeper results.

Siebe has lived in Kodiak since 1977 and has been practicing massage since 1981. She received her massage certification from the National Holistic Institute school of Massage Therapy in Sacramento, Calif. in 1981. From 1983 to 1985 she had a business in the old harvester building on Rezanof Drive, but when the building closed after a fire, she started offering massage part-time out of her home.

In 2004, Siebe became nationally certified through the 10-month program at the Spectrum Center School of Massage in Lake Stevens, Wash.

Siebe took her first Rossiter class in Anchorage in 2005 as a required continuing education class to keep her license. She enjoyed the work of Rolfer Richard Rossiter so much that she decided to offer it through her own practice.

“People would come in and I couldn’t touch their issue because I don’t do deep tissue massage,” Siebe said. “This is longer lasting than deep tissue because the approach is different. The client is involved in their own healing. They are an active participant.”

Rossiter sessions can be done for whole sections of the body like the back or upper body, so the first visit takes around an hour. After the first visit, regular maintenance usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the issue.

Siebe returned to Kodiak in August and reopened her practice. She had been in California taking care of family members with health issues. During her time in California she took additional classes in the Rossiter system and is now one of 11 certified Rossiter coaches nationwide.

Rossiter is still new to Kodiak, so while Siebe grows that service, she is still offering traditional massage.

Siebe offers a mixture of message including acupressure, Esalen massage which emphasizes slow gliding movements, myofasical release, polarity therapy that uses rocking movements to balance energy, massage therapy, Swedish massage and trigger point massage. Every massage also includes a hot towel honey lot massage with scented or unscented oils.

“I offer a wonderful traditional relaxation massage, a mixture of techniques,” Siebe said. “They all have their benefit.”

Siebe takes appointments Monday through Saturday and hopes to make her business full time.

The first appointment is when Siebe finds out what issues a client is experiencing. She is then able to evaluate and work with a client.

Siebe plans to eventually meet with all of the massage therapists in town to learn what services they have to offer. She said there are so many modalities of massage that she wants to be able to refer clients if she can’t provide the service they seek.

Whether it’s using traditional massage or Rossiter, or referring a patient, Siebe said her goal is to help a client get the help they need.

“I went to school for massage to help people feel better,” she said.

A one-hour massage costs $70, and hour and a half costs $95. The Rossiter stretching workout introductory session is $70 and a follow-up session is $50.

Well Being Massage and Rossiter can be reached at 654-7404 or online at http://www.wellbeingmassageandrossiter.com/.

Contact Mirror writer Nicole Klauss at nklauss@kodiakdailymirror.com.

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