The Fairwind Players will present “Mrs. Mannerly” during this weekend’s Lions Club dinner theater, but it’s far from the only entertainment planned for the two-day show.

The Kodiak High School jazz band, choir music and swing dancing are all on tap as part of the Lions’ annual celebration, which starts at 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

“It’s more of a community service than a fundraiser,” said Bob Brodie, a Lions Club member who is organizing the event.

The KHS culinary arts program will provide the food and service for the event, a benefit for the high school groups and choir.

The Lions put on the show last year, selling out both Friday and Saturday performances, and they hope to do so again this year.

“Another sold-out weekend would be fun,” Brodie said.

The pair of shows follows a successful weekend that saw the Lions raise $1,370 with the Kodiak beard and moustache contest, hosted by Tony’s Bar. With freshly shaved manes, the Lions are looking ahead to the next challenge.

On Tuesday night, the lights were already being strung up and tables decorated as the Fairwind Players went through their paces under the direction of Kodiak College’s Jared Griffin.

“We’re all ready to go,” he said. “We’ve been working on the play for five and a half weeks. Everybody’s at that point where they’re ready to get an audience.”

The Fairwind Players began in 2007 to provide Kodiak with smaller, edgier contemporary drama, and “Mrs. Mannerly” fulfills that goal, Griffin said.

“It’s a play definitely for adults,” he said.

The play is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., and Griffin said he sees the production as the dessert after a main course of jazz and food.

“People come for the dinner and music, and once the dinner and music are over, you get to sit back, loosen your belt

and laugh.”

On Wednesday, Brodie said the event’s $35 tickets are almost sold out, but a few remain. Tickets are being sold at Cy’s, Mack’s Sporting Goods, Associated Island Brokers and other locations. Contact Brodie at 486-2000 for more information.

“The band is practicing, the players are rehearsing, and the choir is tuning up,” Brodie said. “Polish up your dance shoes because they’re going to play some swing.”

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