A 66-foot piece of artwork made out of recycled material is on display in Bells Flats.

Retired artist Terri Springer recently put up a paneled fence, made of items found in her home, around her property. The fence features 61 panels with different images and patterns.

“We used to have a really big old truck there and we pulled that out,” Springer said. “I wanted to build a fence to hide my husband’s stuff.”

Since February, Springer has been quietly working on the project in her garage, only telling close friends about it. Last week she completed all of the panels, and put up the fence.

Each panel features a unique design — fish, flowers, patterns, solid colors, faces, jellyfish, shapes, words of inspiration, mermaids, flowers, butterflies, and a guitarist — and is completely random.

“There is no rhyme or reason to it,” Springer said.

Her favorite panel on the whole fence is the one featuring three old shoes that she no longer wears.

The largest panel is the guitarist “Roberta” named after a friend named Robert who gave her the metal light cages used in the piece. The guitarist is made out of gutter material, rubber for her shirt, a bag from a gillnet for the skirt, and leftover rain leather from boat cushions for the boots, and scrap glass for the guitar. “Roberta took me a while,” Springer said. “Google is a wonderful thing. I can’t draw. It took me a while to find the legs and shape the arms.”

Springer’s husband built all the frames for the fence and some of her friends helped with the panels, but she did most of the work herself. The piece uses everything from old bottles to scrap metal. This was a new medium for Springer who typically works with glass.

“It morphed into using recycled materials…and then morphed again into a challenge of how many different things I could use,” Springer said.

Neighbor Sheila Roberts said people have already been stopping along the road to look at the fence.

“It is the most incredible work of art…it’s quite the passerby thing,” she said.

To view Springer’s fence in person, take a trip out to Bells Flats on Womens Bay Drive. Springer said there’s no rush though, since the fence will stay up as long as she stays in Kodiak.

“It’s a permanent fence,” she said.

Contact Mirror writer Nicole Klauss at nklauss@kodiakdailymirror.com.

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