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First grader Zyanna Acierto poses with her entry in the Kodiak Strong poster contest, which earned her first place in the Pre-K to second grade category. 

Kodiak eighth grader Cadence Pages is the winner of the “Kodiak Strong” poster contest for local youth. 

The contest, which attracted 74 entries, highlights  Kodiak’s response to COVID-19 and recognizes that the “arts have the power to spark joy, inspire action, and promote togetherness,” according to a press release from Kodiak Arts Council, which organized the contest. 

Contest themes included hand-washing, social distancing, staying home, playing safety outside, caring for elders and health care worker appreciation, among others. 

The students used watercolors, paints, crayons, markers, collages and graphic design programs to create their artworks. 

With classes and events cancelled, businesses closed, and the community practicing social distancing and hunkering down, the posters represent a range of changes in the community following the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“I appreciated that the artists took their role as advocates for responsible behavior during a pandemic very seriously, and creatively delivered that solemn message through bright colors, beautiful scenery and smiling faces,” said Kodiak History Museum Executive Director Sarah Harrington, who served as one of the contest’s judges.  

“The designs were incredibly creative and shared a deep sense of persisting happiness and hope. I expect that these posters will bring smiles to faces all around the island. Quyanaasinaq to our city and borough mayors for the much-needed joy, and to all who participated in the contest.” 

The contest was co-sponsored by city of Kodiak Mayor Pat Branson, and Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Bill Roberts. 

The panel of judges included Branson, Robersts and Harrington; as well as Mike Wall, president of the Kodiak Arts Council; Larry Ledoux, superintendent of schools; and Anastasia Painter, an administrative assistant at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. 

High school winners were junior Kim Fortaliza (first place), senior Sayuri Seto (second) and freshman Louise Sorongon (third).   

Middle school winners were sixth grader Therese Sorongon (first place), seventh grader Rylee Otto (second) and eighth grader Makato Seto (third). 

Third through fifth grade winners were fourth grader Annika Creelman from North Star Elementary (first place), fifth grader Taiyo Seto from East Elementary (second), and fourth grader Myla Sthol, homeschooled (third) and third grader Anslee Graham from North Star Elementary (third).

Pre-K to second grade winners were first grader Zyanna Acierto (first place), second grader Uriah McElwain, Port Lions School  (second) and pre-K  student Alora Stevenson (third).

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