Get rid of hazardous waste products piled up in your cupboards and basements with one simple drop off!

The annual Household Hazardous Waste Cleanup takes place on Saturday, June 27, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Kodiak High School parking lot. It’s being held in partnership with the Community Cleanup Day hosted by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. 

You can drop off up to 100 pounds of household hazardous waste at no charge! Last year, 24,371 pounds were collected, well below the 57,320 pounds in 2018.

Items to bring include floor care products, polishes, bug sprays, transmission and brake fluids, fuels, batteries, paints and thinners, rodent poison, weed killers, cleaning solvents, herbicides, insecticides, photo chemicals and much more.

Helpful HazWaste hints: Bring the household hazardous waste items in the original containers, or clearly label them if in a different container. If a container is leaking, enclose it in another one. Separate paints from other materials. Don’t mix different types of household wastes.

HazWaste NOTS! Do not bring explosives, medical waste, business waste, empty containers, asbestos or radioactive wastes. 

NRC Alaska is the contractor for the HazWaste program and ships it to various facilities in the US where the materials are treated for final disposal.

  Throughout the U.S., various materials are treated for final disposal at appropriate facilities. 

Questions about the collection day or unusual items? Call KIB Engineering/Facilities at 486-9343. 



Over 200 new bear-resistant roll carts are being rolled out around town and are now on duty. Alaska Waste has provided the roll carts for free to customers in bear-prone areas around town. The roll carts have a special latch that bears can’t open. But they only work if they are not over-stuffed and the lids are closed tight and latched. Do your part in keeping bears away! 

Questions? Contact Alaska Waste at 486-5308.



New Kodiak “trash buster” laws are getting tough on garbage dumping and abandoned junk. Starting July 1, the Kodiak Island Borough Kodiak will have the ability to impose fines for improper trash disposal. 

People who do not securely close and latch the bin or roll-off doors of a garbage container, or who dump trash outside of a container, may be subject to a fine. Fines for improper disposal of waste are $50 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, $500 for the third offense and $1,000 for subsequent offenses. 



The items that Kodiak residents and businesses throw away go to Kodiak’s landfill that so far includes 97.34 total land acres. It is a baler landfill where all garbage gets compacted into 3,300-pound bales, wrapped with wires, stacked and buried. Kodiak’s landfill operations are supported completely by disposal fees that are mostly based on garbage collection services. The items that Kodiak residents and businesses throw away go to Kodiak’s landfill that so far includes  

Whether it is picked up by a garbage collection service or dropped off at a container, every resident chips in for the privilege of having landfill operations responsibly handle and dispose of the items we discard at our homes and businesses.

Give your garbage another life! Aluminum is the most valuable of all recyclables — just ONE can equals enough energy to power a laptop for five hours! Drop off cans, paper, plastic bottles and other recyclables at Threshold Recycling Services on Von Scheele Way, up the road from Safeway.

Cardboard also gets a good cash return in recycling markets. Find cardboard drop off stations located next to the trash dumpsters in many areas around Kodiak Bells Flats store and at Pasagshak. Find a map at   



Got thoughts or ideas about reducing waste on Kodiak? Let us know at at the Questions/Comments section or on Facebook @KodiakIslandBorough. 


This monthly column by the Kodiak Island Borough Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) aims to make all citizens aware of how Kodiak handles the many items we throw “away” at our homes and businesses. 

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