Instructor Anthony White, right, teaches Rey Jacob Roy about the technology used during the 2014 summer film intensive. (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Brunson)

Participants in a Baranov Museum student film program are hard at work making last-minute edits to documentaries on Kodiak’s fishing industry ahead of their premier this week.

Students of the museum’s Summer Youth Film and History Intensive, a two-week filmmaking program for sixth- through 12th-graders, will showcase their work at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Kodiak Public Library.

This year’s films highlight the history and science of Kodiak’s fishing industry, said Baranov Museum executive director Tiffany Brunson.

Students were provided with a list of topics related to the theme and were able to rank them according to their preference. The topics were then assigned based on those preference rankings.

According to Brunson, the topics have not seen a lot of research up to this point.

The six films to be presented include one on the Star of Kodiak and another on traditional fishing practices. Each is up to five minutes long.

Each filmmaker spent hours conducting research for the films, digging up historical photos and even conducting interviews with locals.

“Interviewees give their time in indulging us and indulging our students,” Brunson said. “We really appreciate their support.”

Brunson said most of the program’s participants will be on hand at the premier to introduce the films and tell the audience about their experience in the class.

Following the event, the films will be available on the museum’s YouTube channel and the films and footage will be archived at the museum.

According to Brunson, the program is a partnership between the museum, the Kodiak Island Borough School District and AKTeach. It is now in its fifth year.

The program is a top-50 finalist in the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards. The top 12 of these finalists will receive the award, to include $10,000. Winners will be announced late this month.

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