A Matson container ship loaded with goods for Safeway bypassed Kodiak on Wednesday after the vessel also skipped a stop at the island last week.

Shoppers over the weekend saw some shelves bare of chicken, instant noodles, and frozen and canned vegetables, among other items. 

Matson spokesperson Dylan Faber said in an email that as the result of weather-related delays, the container ship Tacoma, which was expected on Wednesday, would bypass Kodiak to stay on schedule. The severe weather occurred during the ship’s latest northbound and southbound voyages. 

Matson has chartered flights and booked space on the M/V Kennicott to deliver perishables and other high-priority cargo between Thursday and Friday, Faber said. Less perishable and essential items are slated to arrive next Monday. 

Amanda Becker, the manager at the Kodiak Ferry Terminal, said eight Matson vans will be  arriving on the ferry on Thursday. 

Safeway received a larger load than normal Monday night, which included Safeway’s normal shipment as well as items left behind last week because of the ship’s bypass last week. 

The store typically receives its shipments on Monday and Wednesday nights. Safeway sometimes uses the ferry to have items delivered over the weekend if the ferry is docking in Kodiak and if there is space, said Safeway’s assistant manager Mike Sison. 

This week’s items on the ferry will be transported from Anchorage through the Whittier tunnel to the ferry. 

“There are dry grocery products from the West Coast. If they get on the ferry, life is good,” said Mike Murray, the store manager at Safeway. 

With the larger shipment this week, the shelves are likely to be better stocked this weekend with more meat, limited dairy products and produce. 

Murray said that if the shipments arrive on time on the chartered flights and the ferry, 80% of the expected inventory will arrive in the store by Thursday night, although the items will not necessarily be out on the shelves.

Sison said that they are replenishing the shelves over the next few days. 

“In totality, we received double the load, so we should be sitting good as far as getting the shelves replenished over the next few days,” Sison said, adding that the store has a good supply of turkeys for Thanksgiving. 




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