The Kodiak Emergency Operations Center announced one new case of COVID-19 on Tuesday. It was a positive case that was reported on Friday, but as following policy, it was not reported until Tuesday after the weekend and Labor Day. 

The case is a Kodiak resident and a close contact to a previous case. It brings the total number of active cases to five, with 70 total cases reported since the start of the pandemic.

Labs on the island have performed 9,723 tests during that time. 

The press release also said that there was a snafu with testing at the state level that temporarily showed Kodiak in the red high-alert level on the state’s COVID-19 data hub. 

Public Health Nurse Elsa DeHart said that was down to inaccurate data management by the state. It said Kodiak had performed only two tests last week, far fewer than the actual amount, and one was positive, giving the area a 50% positivity rate. 

DeHart said she was able to work out the issue with state officials, and Kodiak is now listed back down to the yellow low-alert category, where it's been all along. 

In other local COVID-19 news, Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant announced on Facebook last week that one of its employees had tested positive for the virus. The employee had not been at work for several days before the test result. 

“The public health office has not advised us to shut our doors because they are confident that we are doing everything possible to keep the community safe,” restaurant management said in an online post. 

“We have taken every precaution possible and have gotten our entire staff tested (although the public health office said they don’t believe we needed to have everyone tested) with no additional positive tests thus far. We have always and will always have the community’s health in sight and we will continue to do our necessary sanitization, mask wearing and hand washing to keep the community safe.” 

Across Alaska, the state tallied 35 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. That brings the total cases to 5,833 with 2,137 having recovered. Thirty-six are currently hospitalized, and 42 Alaskans have died from the virus. 

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