Kodiak continues to see a rise in active COVID-19 numbers, with seven new positive cases announced Wednesday morning by the Kodiak Emergency Services Council. 

Two of the cases are Kodiak Island residents who are close contacts of previously

announced cases, while five have been identified as community spread. 

Of the 192 cases in Kodiak since the start of the pandemic, 45 are currently classified as active. 

A review of case records revealed one travel-related case from Oct. 27 that was not previously announced and is now reflected in the total case count.

According to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, virus transmission across Alaska increased for the seventh week in a row.

About 3,930 cases were reported in Alaskans this week, more than any previous week and a  28% increase over last week.

 Hospitalizations for COVID-19 also continue to rise, with hospital capacity and staffing becoming a significant concern. In addition, testing is not keeping up with new cases. The state has observed that positivity rates for arriving travelers getting tested at Alaska airports have nearly doubled over the last two weeks. 

An updated model epidemic curve predicts Alaska’s cases will continue to rise at a higher rate over the next week and are expected to double again within the next 39 days or sooner, with a daily growth rate near 2%. 

The state reported 551 new cases on Wednesday, 549 of whom were Alaska residents. Since the pandemic started, the state has seen 24,419 cases, 573 hospitalizations and 99 deaths, with around 885,558 tests conducted. 

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