There are now four active cases of COVID-19 on Kodiak Island after the Kodiak Emergency Operations Center announced three new cases on Wednesday morning. 

One was a Kodiak resident who is elsewhere and is quarantining off island. 

Another was a resident who had traveled recently. The third was a family member of one of the two new cases announced on Tuesday, Public Health Nurse Elsa DeHart said. 

One of the two family members contracted the virus through community transmission, meaning the person got it from somewhere in the community, but it’s unclear where. That person probably then spread it to a family member, but it’s unclear who spread it to whom, DeHart said.

“We have no idea exactly who got it first. We just know they both have it and they are related,” she said. 

Before Aug. 31, the last new case was announced on Aug. 10 — a span of three weeks between the two announcements. It was the second-longest stretch of time Kodiak has gone without a new case since the pandemic started. 

The longest stretch was between April 15, when Kodiak’s first case was announced, and June 2, when the second case was reported. Community transmission cases have also been rare. The last one health officials identified was on July 12. Only five of Kodiak’s 69 total cases have been spread through community transmission. 

“They just kind of pop up every so often,” DeHart said. 

She said 9,233 tests have been taken and processed in Kodiak so far. 

The state of Alaska reported 68 positive cases on Wednesday, bringing the total to 5,364 — 2,085 of whom have recovered. Forty-one people are currently hospitalized and 39 have died. 


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