Two more people have been arrested in connection with the theft last February of Canadian silver coins from a hidden closet in a Kodiak home.

Donna Ford-Roberts, 31, and Douglas Austerman, 29, are charged with felony theft in the second degree for alleged connections with the burglary. 

On the night of Feb. 6, a Kodiak resident reported a burglary at the home of a friend. He was checking on the house while the owners were on vacation when he noticed a hidden closet in the bedroom that looked like it had been ransacked, stated a police affidavit. 

The Alaska State Troopers, who have been investigating the case, suspect the closet was specifically targeted because other valuable items in the house had not been stolen. 

During the investigation of the burglary, the troopers received a tip that Austerman was involved, and that he had taken some of the stolen coins to Anchorage. The trooper investigating the burglary called Gold Buyers of Alaska in Eagle River after hearing they had purchased a large quantity of coins. 

Two other men with ties to Kodiak, but who are living in Anchorage, were reported to have sold the coins to the coin collector in Eagle River. 

Subsequent investigation revealed that those coins had been turned over to another branch of Gold Buyers of Alaska in Fairbanks. 

An employee at Gold Buyers of Alaska in Fairbanks said he bought 900 coins for $14,894.

The troopers looked at Austerman’s Facebook message history and found that he sent a slew of messages to a woman in which he talked about bringing rolls of coins to Anchorage.  

On Feb. 25, Kodiak Alaska State Troopers were notified by a U.S. postal inspector that one of the employees at the Kodiak Post Office, who had learned about the burglary through a Facebook post, saw that one of the suspects had mailed a 33-pound box. 

He told the troopers  that the box was sent to the address of a precious-metals dealer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The return address and a phone number were on the box.

The address and phone number belonged to Ford-Roberts. The troopers discovered that the box contained 20 rolls of silver coins, as well as an email between Ford-Roberts and the precious-metals dealer. 

The troopers also discovered through Facebook Messenger that although Ford-Roberts said she did not steal them, she was aware they were stolen, said the court documents. 

According to the court documents, more people have also been charged with the burglary. 

A class C felony conviction can result in a prison term of up to five years and a fine of up to $50,000.

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