Burl Clymer

Burl Clymer


Burl Clymer of Page, Arizona, passed away December 2, 2019 after suffering a stroke in late November. He was born June 29, 1961 in Kodiak, at Griffin Memorial Hospital to Chester and Josephine Clymer. He attended elementary and high school in Kodiak and then went on to serve in the Air Force.

In the 1990s he settled in Page with the love of his life, Jeanette Rhodes. He loved the area of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon, and once said they were the main reasons he remained in the area. Burl was a talented marine mechanic and among his many endeavors, he worked on the engines of many boats and pleasure craft on Lake Powell.  

Burl was proud of his sobriety, and as an active member of AA had been clean and sober for many years. In the accompanying picture he is rafting the Colorado River with his AA group in 2011. Burl was a kind person and will be missed by all who knew him.

He was preceded in death by his parents Chester Clymer and Josephine Canham, Uncle Burl Clymer and Aunt Chlora Clymer, and sisters Chlora Ellen Brown and Janet L. Fox. He is survived by his partner Jeannie; brothers Chester Clymer of Lakeside, Oregon, and George Clymer of Portland, Oregon; and sisters Pamela Pingree (David of Kodiak) and Alice Addy (Mike of Oceano, California).

Disposition was by cremation.