Seniors meet often with friends and have a delicious lunch at the senior center. Shown here are: Marcy Jones, Lydia Abrigo, Harold Jones, Sarah Meunier and Guy Powell. (Beverly Cole photo)

Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc. will hold their annual membership meeting Friday, May 30, 6 p.m., at the senior center. Susan Brockman will be providing the entertainment; there will be door prizes for winners, and a delightful seafood platter dinner. There will also be elections to the board of directors with incumbents Laurence Anderson and Pat Heitman as well as Joyce Gregory filling out the candidate slate.

Paid-up members will get a free dinner. If you are not a paid-up member, you can certainly join up at the event. If you need a ride to meeting, please call Kodiak Area Transit System at 486-8308.

June Activities

In June a caregiver training will take place June 5-6. Experts will speak about Alzheimer’s disease, Medicaid and Medicaid, local service for seniors and more. The two-day event is free and open to the public. Call Andrea at 486-6181 for more information.

Also part of June activities is a Father’s Day luncheon for June 13. A picnic is planned for June 20 with yoga and exercise continuing on June 23-24. A foot clinic is scheduled for June 30 and the senior center band rehearses every Friday at 1 p.m. Beverly has scheduled a lunch and learn on how to make green smoothies on June 19. Don’t miss the ice cream social June 19, international lunch (Greek this month) June 27 and a story telling group June 30. Anyone 60 and older is welcome to any of these events.

Pat Branson is executive director of the Kodiak Senior Center and mayor of the city of Kodiak. Each month, she contributes Senior Life, an overview of activities at the center.

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