KODIAK — Most of us have heard of the great trout fishing in other parts of the country and around the world. If you’re a fishing crazy like me, you’ve probably even dreamt about them.  

KODIAK — I’m delighted to report a momentous weekend. My wife and I visited a favorite beach and connected with our first pink salmon! They’re few and scattered now but with each passing day more and more will be converging along our beaches. By the end of the month, there will be hordes alm…

KODIAK — If you’re new to Kodiak and love deer hunting and venison, there’s a nice surprise in your future. But don’t feel alone if it catches you unaware. 

KODIAK — After a long winter and wet spring here on Kodiak, warm sunny weather can create a problem. Should you face up to your accumulation of outdoor chores or should you play?

I confess that I’m fascinated with king salmon, and it’s not just their potential for large size. They’re different than other salmon in many ways. And, frankly, fishing for them is more like hunting.

KODIAK — It’s one thing for the halibut to be moving shallower now, but another altogether to find them. We’re catching ours here and there in the shallows, but it will take more time for their numbers to build in the usual hotspots.

KODIAK — A quick glance at the calendar should reveal a surprise. Though most folks haven’t caught their first salmon or halibut for the year, deer season is only 10 weeks away.

KODIAK — We had some interesting surprises on the water over the weekend. Most notably, the water was really warm. Wherever we went, the faithful little gauge on our fish finder continued to read 47 degrees!

KODIAK — Any day now, I expect Dolly Varden to get serious about their annual spring migration to the sea. After a long winter on limited rations in lakes, the warming water and promise of plentiful food will launch them on their way.

KODIAK — With the prospect of herring, then capelin or “grunion” and needlefish or Pacific sand lance spawning around Kodiak over the next couple of months, it’s high time to get serious about king salmon fishing.

Dollies in rivers are one of the surest signs of spring. Their annual migration to the sea kicks off a long string of fishing opportunities for most of the remaining year.

KODIAK — If you haven’t started fishing yet, you’ll soon be breaking out the tackle. And, if you’re like most of us, you could find some nasty surprises waiting. It’s better to discover the problems in the comfort of your home rather than on the water!

KODIAK — I’m not the only one that feels this way. About now, the longer days and retreat of the snow from the passes make me restless. The house seems more confining, and each nice day itches more for adventure. But there’s nothing to do! Or is there?

KODIAK — What’s the status of your freezer? Are you running low on fish? Or worse yet, have your packages failed the storage test and become a grim collection of freezer burned trash? Spring is a time for accounting and planning for summer. Especially taking stock of the fish situation in yo…

Over the next few weeks, Kodiak’s snowshoe hare population will shift into full breeding mode. Though the season is open year round, I quit hunting by the middle of April or so, and always by May 1.

KODIAK — Shorebound anglers on Kodiak start getting restless in March. The days are getting longer and the weather is improving, but the runs of dolly varden and salmon are still months away.

KODIAK — Halibut migrate to deeper water each winter, and anglers are mostly confined to nearshore waters by the weather and dangerous seas. As a result, most of us fish only in spring, summer and fall while halibut are in shallower water and the seas are friendlier for small boats.

KODIAK —Though snowshoe hare season never closes on Kodiak, my personal hunts extend mostly from the end of duck season late in January through the middle or end of April when they start to breed.

KODIAK — Winter’s long hours of darkness and days of rotten weather are the perfect opportunity for reloading your own ammunition.

KODIAK — A lot of winter stretches between us and spring. Most hunting seasons are closed and fishing is severely limited, so outdoor enjoyment can be hard to come by. There’s still plenty to do out there, but you have to work around the weather.

KODIAK — It’s traditional for New Year’s Day to be a time of reckoning, even atoning for the past year’s sins. We burden our shoulders with lofty resolutions and vow to do better in the coming year.

KODIAK — This might seem like an odd time to talk about fishing tackle, but in fact it’s the perfect time. Your tackle is likely a little beaten and moth-eaten after a busy summer and fall.

KODIAK — A warm and wet fall such as this one can trap you indoors. In my experience nothing makes a winter seem longer than starting it off with a bang. Or in this case, a slosh. Days are short. It’s often miserable outside. And there’s just nothing to do. 

KODIAK — It’s always fascinated me that a great big roast turkey is central to our annual Thanksgiving feast. The truth of the matter is that by historical accounts of the event, they shared the billing with quite the array of domestic and wild meats along with wild and domestic produce and fruits.

KODIAK — Between 2013-2017 there were 13 overdose deaths in Kodiak, according to an Alaska Department of Health and Social Services report released last. Of these deaths, seven were caused by opioid abuse and five by methamphetamine. While these numbers are too low to be meaningfully compare…

KODIAK — This time of year can be challenging for duck hunters. The resident birds are wise beyond measure while the early migrants are already south in warmer places.

It would be interesting now to take a survey and find out how many folks are still fishing silvers.

KODIAK - September is an important month for bucks and, as a result, important for hunters.

KODIAK — I’m  a little sad to report that Labor Day marks the beginning of an important transition in Kodiak’s fishing life.

KODIAK — It may seem odd for me to be distracted while the silvers numbers building so nicely, but this may well be one of the best Dolly Varden seasons ever.