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Local Columns

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Alaska Science Forum

  • Ned Rozell is a science writer for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute. His column runs every Wednesday.

Fish Factor

  • Laine Welch is a long-time fisheries journalist. Her column runs every Monday.

Senior Life

  • Pat Branson is executive director of Senior Citizens of Kodiak. Her column runs monthly.

Mountain Views

  • Zoya Saltonstall is a physical therapist and mother of two. Her column runs every other Friday.

Teeing Off

  • Derek Clarkston is the Kodiak Daily Mirror's sports reporter. His column runs on Fridays.

Amazing Nature

  • Switgard Duesterloh, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of natural sciences at Kodiak College.

Kodiak Tapestry

  • Mike Rostad writes about religion and the people of Kodiak. His column runs every Friday.

Word and Deed

  • Maj. Dave Davis is pastor at the Salvation Army. His column runs on Fridays.

Week in Words

  • Jared Griffin, Ph.D., is assistant director for academic affairs at Kodiak College. His column runs every Thursday.

Healthy Kodiak

  • Healthy Kodiak is written by medical professionals at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. It is most often written by board certified general surgeons Dr. Jeff Larsen and Dr. Janet Abadir.

Outdoor Kodiak

  • Hank Pennington is an avid outdoorsman. His column runs every Tuesday.

Garden Gate

  • Marion Owen is a long-time Kodiak gardener and photographer. Her column runs every Monday.

Sea Stories

  • Toby Sullivan is executive director of the Kodiak Maritime Museum. His column runs monthly.