After tough climbs in life, we all need time to rest and reflect on the journey that just transpired. When reaching a point of when a new chapter is about to begin, we need and to be with our Maker.

We need time to not only appreciate the blessings of reaching the various summits set before us, but also the time to think about the falls that we have had along the way.

As we all find the time to be alone and to be shoulder to shoulder with the Lord, may we rest in the truth that we all have a reason for being. As you rest, whether at the top of Pyramid Mountain on Kodiak Island in Alaska or some other place of reflection, may you sense His presence and see His purpose for you in life.

He has brought you to this point for a reason. He has allowed these tests, these trials, these accomplishments and these blessings for a reason. May we all take joy and confidence in the truth that He is there, calling us to step into the next mountain which He desires for us to journey to and to summit.

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