My parents arrived in Kodiak, Alaska in 1955 when it was still a territory. They were pioneers, Alaska pioneers. They took risks. No one in their circles had ever attempted what they set out to do but they stepped into some tall grass and broke trail.

Many times the grass was over their heads but they ventured on becoming trailblazers on many fronts. Like many on Kodiak Island they stepped out of their comfort zones and tried things that had never been tried. And because of their willingness to break trail, a path was laid for many to follow.

May each of us be willing to step off the well worn path and into some tall grass which has never been walked upon. May we be willing to go. May we open to do what the good Lord has laid on our hearts to do.

This video is another invitation to accompany me on a journey which the good Lord is laying upon my heart. If you would like to meet me at the trail head each week, please consider subscribing to my channel. I would love to have you along.

It is time to break some trail.

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