I drove 11 days to fish in Kodiak, Alaska.

Before that journey, my best friend, Meng, and I visited Ana Maria Island in Florida to watch commercial fishermen catch sardines.

We then proceeded to the Skyway fishing pier, about 30 minutes up north, to do some cast net fishing as well.

From Florida, we travelled 422 miles (680 kilometers), an eight-hour drive, to Panama City, where we caught squid that we dried and distributed to several families, including a few Filipinas, a gesture that made their American husbands happy.

We travelled through the legendary Alaska highway system, one of the most dangerous highways in America.

I learned a very important lesson during this trip: When you travel this far, you should have extra cash in your wallet.

For many days I did not see any other car on the highway; no gas station as we were about to run out of fuel.

As my fuel gauge hit the warning sign, I finally saw a gas station that had no store clerk and with a fueling machine that would not accept ATM debit or credit cards.

Meanwhile, a snowstorm was creeping in. Hail was getting heavier.

I had strong doubts about us surviving the cold.

Eventually, after hours of what seemed to be an endless wait, a car arrived. Its American driver offered to pay for a full tank and said we should just “pay it forward.”

Much appreciated, I said.

His kindness allowed us to reach Homer, where we took the ferry to Kodiak.

Later on, we were fortunate enough to get an invitation to fish with outdoor writer Hank Pennington and his wife, Jan.

During this trip we even saw a giant school of large salmon, in a secluded area. There were no fishermen around.

I hope this video gave inspiration to other fishing enthusiasts, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do not lose hope in life.

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Many thanks to drone expert Jake Duben and MerAwen Toldanes for singing the intro, “The Wheels on the Bus.”

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