Nels Ure, Leila Pyle, Shiori Ohki and Nathan Deer were selected for Elks Students Recognition at Kodiak High School for the first quarter of the 2010/2011 school year.

Nels, a freshman at Kodiak High School, is the son of John and Jane Ure. This young man is wasting no time getting his high school career off to a great start. Nels is taking a variety of honors courses and is working through them with straight As. In addition, he began the fall sport season participating in cross country. Over the winter, he plans to be involved in drama productions and then will move on to the track season. Nels enjoys photography, traveling (he especially likes spending his summers in Minnesota), being involved in drama, singing (he takes voice lessons), running, going to the beach, and spending time with his family and friends. Outside of school, Nels is able to participate with the American Legion because his father is a Vietnam veteran. After high school, Nels is contemplating whether to attend a vocational school in Anchorage for massage therapy or whether he should go to college to become a physical therapist or an architect.

Leila, a sophomore, is the daughter of Bill Pyle and Blythe Brown. Gifted artistically as well as academically, Leila is diverse in her high school and community involvement. While maintaining her excellent grades (she is a 4.0 student), Leila is a member of the Kodiak High School Extended Learning Program and the Art Club while also performing in community plays such as the upcoming “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” In addition, she has enjoyed offering volunteer service to Kodiak with the Girl Scouts, an organization she has been part of for the past 10 years. Leila also enjoys both acting and art (especially drawing), and she plans to go out for softball this spring. In her future, Leila plans to attend college. She hasn’t decided where she will go, but perhaps somewhere in the Lower 48. What to study is also undecided as Leila would like to pursue either art or drama, but she also is interested in a science career.

Shiori, a junior, is the daughter of Takeshi and Hisae Ohki. High energy and enthusiasm describe this active young woman. Both an athlete and scholar, Shiori maintains her 4.0 GPA while also participating in tennis, the Kodiak High School Art Club, Key Club, and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). She especially enjoys helping the community through her Key Club community service and serves on their activity committee. As a member of HOSA, Shiori serves as historian. Outside of school, Shiori teaches Sunday school for younger kids. Her hobbies and interests include tennis, art, sports of all kinds, baking, studying different languages and cultures, photography, traveling and trying new things. Truly an adventurer, Shiori wants to continue gaining more leadership skills through service with organizations that will allow her to travel to other places. Her future desire is to make a career as a translator/interpreter.

Nathan, a senior, is the son of Joseph and Amy Deer. Always on the run (literally), Nathan truly has earned his last name. While one of our top runners on the cross country team, Nathan continues to train in the off-season by both running and swimming. In fact, he just recently competed in a swim meet. In addition to his sports, Nathan challenges himself with advanced placement course work and has proven his academic ability with excellent grades. Outside of school, Nathan works as a lifeguard at the Coast Guard base pool. Hobbies for him include running with his friends in the winter, being outdoors and tinkering with his car. He also enjoys participating in weekly Oasis meetings (a non-denominational religious group), weekly prayer meetings during lunch, his church youth group and men’s Bible study. Upon graduation from Kodiak High School this spring, Nathan will be attending college to study physical therapy. He wants to compete in running at the college level and eventually become an officer with the United States Marine Corps. In addition, Nathan would like to serve in a mission, but he hasn’t decided when.

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