Shirley Janette Beehler

Shirley Janette Beehler

Longtime Kodiak resident Shirley Janette Beehler passed away at her home in Flemington, Mo. on April 9. She was 77.

Shirley was born in Parnell, Mo. to Vea and Izola Arnold on March 9, 1936. She graduated from St. Charles Community High School on June 10, 1955 and married her sweetheart, Asa Beehler, eight days later. Asa and Shirley lived in Illinois and had two sons, Bruce and Kevin Beehler.

The Beehler family arrived in Kodiak, by ferry, in 1974 by way of a yellow Cadillac with a pole vault tied on the side.

Shirley worked as a teachers’ aide at Main Elementary, retiring in 1988. She was also a partner in a salmon set net site with Asa and Bruce’s family. Besides commercial fishing during the summer, she enjoyed clam digging, beachcombing and picking berries with her grandchildren. With her husband Asa, Shirley operated Saltry Lake Lodge with dear friends, the Hatfields and Franklins. Being up for any adventure, she once accompanied her husband as he flew a small float plane from Louisiana to Kodiak.

Shirley and Asa traveled extensively, enjoying trips to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Bangladesh and Africa. They even traveled to South America to visit a child they sponsored through Compassion Ministries.

Shirley was also known for playing a spirited hand of cards and being an outdoorswoman. She liked fishing and hunting and once shot two deer with one bullet, using a gun that wasn’t even sighted in.

In her last years, Shirley remained active at Bethel Southern Baptist church in Missouri. She enjoyed bird-watching, reading and spending lots of time with her large family.

Since 1994, Shirley lived in Mo. Near her brothers, sisters and son Kevin.

She is survived by her husband Asa, of 56 years, son Bruce and wife Lila of Kodiak, son Kevin and companion Wendy of Mo., six grandchildren and their spouses and four great grandchildren, seven surviving siblings and their mates along with many dear friends.

Shirley was loved by all who knew her and nothing can fill the void of Shirley’s place in our lives. We will miss her always.

Condolences may be sent to: Asa Beehler, 3385 S. Highway PP, Flemington, MO 65650

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