OBITUARY: Alexis Chichenoff Jr.

Alexis Chichenoff Jr.

Alexis Chichenoff Jr. was born Oct. 7, 1937, in Afognak, Alaska, to Selma and Alex Chichenoff Sr.

Better known to most as Sonny, he departed this earthly world on Aug. 7, 2020, peacefully at his home. He was 82 yrs old!

Sonny’s life was full of adventure, starting with his marriage to his wife of 63 years, Kathryn L. Chichenoff. Together they had seven children: three boys four girls! In the beginning they moved from old Afognak to Kodiak to raise their family! He was always out fishing, and home living was alot of work packing water, and nushniks (bathroom) for a woman to deal with all alone! So they moved to Kodiak where Sonny did all kinds of work! At one point he claimed he would be a mortician!! He would’ve taken over the poor deceased life because he had so much personality to steal any services!! He also had his try at a garbage man! He was a cabdriver before he chose fishing as a way of living! God blessed him thru the times when Crab was King and fish prices were more honestly paid to what they were worth! The opportunity of cleaning up during the great Exxon spill! Lastly in his life we teased he was a doctor, a pharmacist, a dentist because he filed his dentures constantly to fit right! There was no place on Earth he loved more then being out in the open ocean!

Family was essential and everything to him! The grandkids are scattered all over Alaska but never far from a phone call, FaceTime or a holiday on the horizon! They have 23 grandchildren, 17 great grands with another two due in December 2020 and February 2021, and one great great grandson!

The rules growing up were NO GRANDDAUGHTERS ALLOWED! Meaning he took his grandsons from a young age out cruising on the road systems to fish and hunt to shoot guns!!! The boys were lucky enough to go out on the boat with grandpa and do what they do!!! Only after his baby Tammy’s baby girl came around, well lets say the rules no longer existed!!

Once dad retired from fishing in 2003 he was around home, and then decided in 2005 to drive for the KANA van!! Those poor passengers got blessed with all his knowledge, or facts as he put it!!! He was never short of lectures or advice you didn't realize you needed!

Sonny has spent 30-plus years serving on the Natives of Kodiak board!!! His push was always for the shareholders’ best interests! He loved to talk all politics!

One thing will remain the same and that is the void will take a long, long time to get better! His smile, laughter and joy will be very much missed!

Sonny is preceeded by his beloved daughter Lori Ogle. He is survived by his wife of 63 years Kathryn Chichenoff; sons Michael Chichenoff, Robert and Sandy Chichenoff, and Keith Chichenoff of Kodiak; his daughters Melo and Davey of Ouzinkie, Selma and Mike Mckee of Kodiak, and Tammy and Tom Grinaker of Anchorage; along with their 41 grandchildren.

Condolences can be mailed to Kathryn Chichenoff, P.O. Box 1252, Kodiak, AK 99615.

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