Laura Ashly Fehrs

Laura Ashly Fehrs

Laura Ashly Fehrs, age 25, passed away Thursday, May 28, 2020 at Providence Anchorage ICU after battling extensive and profound injuries for over two weeks. Laura was our angel and sunshine, our baby sister, daughter, cousin, niece, friend, aunt and mother to her beautiful baby boy Waylon, who was only 2 months old when she was taken from us. 

She will be missed beyond belief forever and our lives will never be as bright as they were with her here. Laura is survived by her son Waylon, sister Maggie Fehrs, brother Levi Fehrs and wife Kalynn Fehrs, mom and dad Lisa and Jim Poulos and father Joe Fehrs. 

Laura was born December 13, 1994 in Brewster, Washington. Laura was a wild spirit and traveled extensively, working in the hospitality industry due to her love of people. She returned to Kodiak a few years ago to settle down and figure out exactly what she wanted in life while spending time with her family. 

In March she gave birth to a 10.2 pound baby boy. Waylon was the greatest gift and accomplishment of her life, he was her miracle baby that she wasn’t supposed to be able to have. 

A service will be held Sunday, June 7 at 3 p.m. at Oceans Church followed by a reception at the Elks afterward. All are welcome to attend. 


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