Richard Ryser

Richard Ryser

Richard Ryser was born Aug. 12, 1939 in Aberdeen, Wash. and passed from this life on March 1, 2013 in Kodiak. He came to Alaska as a young man looking for adventure, freedom and unconventional opportunities. In the rocky terrain he found a match for his rugged soul. He spent the next 50 years eking a living out of the sometimes harsh, sometimes plentiful, eternally remote, Last Frontier island he first laid eyes on.

Forever the idealist, Dick was always planning his next venture, even right up to the very end. No one could deny his passion for what could be.

Throughout his many years in Kodiak, he always had several projects going at once and nothing could keep him down for long. There was always something to get him out of bed and on the road every day of his life, whether it was building a new fishing boat, gearing up for the next fishing season, organizing a clam digging expedition, stockpiling scrap metal or having aspiring ambitions to make a bundle.

No one will ever know all the things that made him tick. There were parts genius, parts rebel, parts friend, parts troubled soul and parts that were just plain ol’ Dick. He was original, unique and his own man. Those who knew him will love and miss him forever.

He is survived by his daughter, Mishelle Rey of California, his son, Rick Ryser of Kodiak, his grandchildren, Alicia and Wiley Rey of California, and Jeff and Dane Ryser of Kodiak, stepchildren Teresa Stutes and Larry Ryser, both of Kodiak and several relatives. He is preceded in death by his son, Mark Ryser and granddaughter, Maya Rey.

A memorial service is being planned for late in the spring and will be announced at a later date in the Mirror. Contact information can also be sent to Mishelle Rey, PO Box 2331, Rocklin CA 95677.

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