Pete Walter Muller

I never knew Pete Walter Muller, the young man who died in an ATV accident in the village of Larsen Bay on Oct. 19. But I did know family members. His mother, Mary Nelson, was a little girl when I went to the villages of Larsen Bay and Karluk to write stories for the Kadiak Times. I also got to know his paternal grandparents, who lived in Ouzinkie. At the behest of his grandmother, Sandra Muller, I wrote an article about his sister, Teressa Muller.

Pete Walter is one of many who departed this life during a summer and fall in which death took a high toll of islanders. 

Pete Walter didn’t get to live long enough to heroically serve his country like his elder, Bill Ross did; nor was he able to serve his community to the extent that Mary McFarland did while she was employed by the Kodiak Electrical Association. He didn’t get to serve on Native boards as David Eluska, Sr. did, nor did he have a health center named in his honor as was the case of Betty Nelson of Port Lions. 

But Pete Walter, who died at the age of 26, was a young man of promise.

Friends and family called him a “Jack of all trades.”

He fished on a salmon seine boat and at a gillnet site near Larsen Bay. He was employed by the city of Larsen Bay, delivering fuel to homes and boats. He helped with water mains and electrical repairs. He was the right hand man of mayor Bill Nelson, his dad. 

Pete Walter was a mechanical person who loved taking vehicles and ATVs apart and putting them back together. 

“He helped anybody he could,” said his sister, Teressa Muller. “If he knew how to fix (something) he would.”

Pete Walter was commemorated at a memorial service at the funeral home in Kodiak and a celebration of his life in Larsen Bay.

He was born in Kodiak May 13, 1993. He grew up in Larsen Bay and Ouzinkie where he graduated from high school. 

He leaves behind a host of family and friends, including his step father, Bill Nelson; his biological father, Pete Muller, Sr.; his mother, Mary Nelson; fiancé, Tiffany Brown;  step mother, Juanita Muller; sisters, Teressa Muller, Brandy Boskofsky, Bliss Peterson andGavina Muller; brother, Shane Muller; step brother, Cadman Peterson; step sister, Varvara Manivong; his paternal grandmother, Sandra Muller; and maternal grandmother, Virginia Stanton; his best friends, John Aga, Jr., Bradley Aga, Stephanie Blondin, and many nieces and nephews. 

When family members talked to me about Pete, a lot of tears were shed. A beloved son, brother, fiancé and friend, had been taken from them. But there was a lot of laughter as they recalled his personality, his idiosyncrasies. his sense of humor. 

His mother, Mary, loved his “great sense of humor,” she said. “TF Pete, we love you.”

“Pete kept everybody laughing,” said Tiffany. 

“He wanted to make sure that everybody was in a good mood,” said Teressa. ”He was quite the social person. He was loved by more people than he realized.” 

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henry moore

Good man who left this life too soon. Rest in peace my man !

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