Tambi Leigh Fields


Tambi Leigh Fields was born on March 4, 1975, in Columbia, Mo., to Linda Jackson and Donald Fields. Three months later the family moved to Kodiak Island, which has always been Tambi’s home.

Tambi had a happy childhood surrounded by family and friends. She was known for her quick smile and big brown eyes. She grew up skating on Dark Lake and exploring beaches and trails around the island. The Girls, Tambi and her three cousins, were constant companions. She slept over every week with her grandparents and spent countless hours with her beloved grandpa building in his shop. She had an artist’s soul, always loving to sing, dance, paint and write. In high school she won an award at the state drama competition for an intensely emotional soliloquy. She seized every chance to express herself through her art. In 1994 she graduated from Kodiak High School.

As an adult, Tambi kept her childlike joy and shared it with all she knew. She had the gift of living in the moment, not bound by time. Her eyes and heart were always open to the beauty of the world around her. She was delighted by it all: sunsets, the ocean, wild roses or a flock of black-capped chickadees.

Tambi carried this sensitivity into her relationships with family, friends and cherished pets. She greeted you with love, eager to hug and savor the time together. She had a need to express herself, which shined through her art … always whimsical, joyful and sincere. She was continually creating — painting, making jewelry, crafting, writing poetry and most recently crocheting. Most of these items were given as gifts of herself to those she cherished.

Tambi especially loved being auntie to her niece and nephew as well as the children of her friends. Everything she did was joyous, wholehearted and unpretentious. Tambi loved everyone and everyone loved her.

Tambi suffered all of her adult life with health problems. Though she was often in much pain she maintained a hopeful and optimistic attitude toward life. Her cousin, Herman Fields, wrote the following words upon hearing of Tambi’s death: “One might be tempted to consider her illness a tragedy. I don’t think the most striking thing about her life was what might have been if she hadn’t struggled with her illness. I think her life was a great success and a happy story because she was such a great person. That of course doesn’t make it any less heart-breaking that she has left us at a young age.”

Tambi is survived by her parents Linda and Dave Jackson, Don and Janean Fields Moriarty, and Marsha and Ken Pollworth; sisters Paula Westbrook and Morgan Moriarty; brothers Ronald Jackson and Dylan Moriarty; her niece and nephew Kylar and Kael Westbrook; brother-in-law Micheal Westbrook; grandparents Jerry and Patricia Loutzenhiser, Edna Ruth Fields, and Ron and Doris Jackson; her beloved cat,Samantha; and many other relatives and friends.

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