KMS Rotary Students for September 2012

Rafael Bitanga, 6th grade

Rafael is a kind, outgoing student who stands out among his peers because of his excellent character. He has a positive attitude towards learning and a willingness to help others. Rafael is not afraid to do what is right even if it isn’t popular. He is often the first student to volunteer to help out when needed. In addition, Rafael earns good academic marks, enjoys running on the cross-country team and playing his violin. Rafael sets a great example for his peers as a trusted and respectful student at KMS.

Lily Evans, 6th grade

In the four short weeks of school, Lily has stood out amongst her peers as a natural leader. She accepts challenges and setbacks in stride and she goes above and beyond expectations to help her classmates with difficulties. Lily is a very trustworthy young lady who can be counted on to be fair and honest. She advocates for herself, ensuring that she is staying current on assignments and classroom activities even when she will be absent.

Lily is an outgoing individual whose personality has radiated since her first day at Kodiak Middle School. Lily is an active member of the middle school choir, applying to be the president of choir council. She also spends time outside of school dancing with the Little School of Dance. Lily Evans is exemplar of the characteristics we look for in Rotary students.

Kaitlin Bass, 7th grade

Kaitlin Bass is an excellent candidate for Rotary Student of the Month. She is a cheerful, yet serious student, who strives to do her best in school while helping others. Her strength lies in her desire to support and boost the confidence of those who are in need of assistance in the classroom. Her polite, respectful, and caring behavior toward adults and peers alike exemplify several of the Pillars of Character. One of her extracurricular activities includes being a member of the Kodiak Marine Stewardship Club. She thoroughly enjoys participating and learning within the context of this group.

Gabriel Nummer, 7th grade

The 7th grade teachers of Kodiak Middle School would like to recognize Gabe Nummer by awarding him the Rotary Award for exemplary character. Gabe was born to Jody and Rachel Nummer in Honolulu, Hawaii, but has lived in Kodiak for 11 years. Gabe is a straight A student and has a fantastic work ethic. Gabe actively participates in classes sharing his insights with others and listens thoughtfully to new ideas. With an outgoing and witty personality, he easily gets along with others and helps his classmates when he can. Outside of school, Gabe has varied interests including cross-country, soccer, shooting, hunting, fishing, and ATV riding. When he is not participating in academics or sports, Gabe can probably be found playing Minecraft – most likely while eating a taco, his favorite food. We are pleased to honor this outstanding young man for his fine character.

Beatriz Recinos-Pineda, 8th grade

Beatriz Recinos-Pineda is an outgoing and caring 8th grader at Kodiak Middle School. She is active both in and out of school, working diligently at her studies, playing volleyball, completing a daily paper route, and teaching children?s classes at church. In her spare time, Beatriz enjoys going four-wheeling and reading books that involve drama. One of her particular favorites is Pretty Little Liars. 

Beatriz is currently interested in a number of careers, and she especially enjoys learning about law and government with Mrs. O?Leary as her inspiration. As a student and citizen of KMS, Beatriz shines because of her positive attitude, strong leadership skills, and willingness to help others. 

Bryan Gonzalez-Bermudez, 8th grade  

Bryan Gonzalez-Bermudez, son of Manuel and Delia Gonzalez, has been chosen to receive the 8th grade Rotary Award. Bryan has an infectious personality. Always smiling, he is enthusiastic and friendly. He has shown a dedication to service and caring to others when he realized another student could not understand English and interpreted for him without being asked.  He has continued to fulfill the role of interpreter while maintaining a strong work ethic. Bryan is a member of St. Mary’s Church and the KMS choir.  He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and ping pong. 

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