Sara Thomas, Jyurhim Ahn, Arne Schick and Kayla Trout were selected for Elks Student Recognition at Kodiak High School for the fourth quarter of the 2010/2011 school year.

Sara, a freshman at Kodiak High School, is the daughter of Roy and Crystal Thomas. Sara enjoys being involved and active through drama, music and sports. She has played a main role in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” volunteered her time through the Kodiak High School Key Club, and sprinted with the KHS track and field program. Outside of school, Sara has also been a singer in the 4-H choir, an active member of her church, and a tap dancer with Woodland Dance Studio. In fact, Sara will be a lead in the upcoming Spring dance program, “The Princess and the Frog.” Sara enjoys reading, traveling, running with track, musical theater, and going on adventures around Kodiak. This summer, she will be helping with a two-and-a-half month mission trip to Chile. After high school, Sara plans to attend college to earn a medical degree. She hopes to eventually use her skills as a medical missionary.

Jyurhim, a sophomore, is the daughter of Sujeong Han and Chan Ahn. This quiet young woman is dedicated to her schooling and has tremendous determination to do well. Jyurhim’s efforts have paid off because she has earned excellent grades during her two years at Kodiak High School. In addition, Jyurhim has recently become involved in sports as a member of the Kodiak High School softball team, where she plays right field. Outside of school, Jyurhim occasionally assists her father working at one of the local canneries. She especially enjoys taking photographs with her camera, creating different types of artwork, and spending time outdoors. After high school, Jyurhim plans to attend college. She is interested in learning more about photography and would like to go to school in California.

Arne, a junior, is the son of Randy and Solveig Schick. Arne is one very busy fellow. He is active with Kodiak High School student council, where he currently serves as vice president. He is a member of National Honor Society, he is involved in both track and cross country, and he performs with Men Who Sing as well as with the Kodiak Jazz Band. Outside of school, Arne enjoys community theater, taking part in performances including “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” “Scrooge,” and “Beauty and the Beast. He also participates with his church youth group, Kodiak 4-H, and Sons of Norway. Finally, Arne is a member of his church’s brass band and orchestra. When Arne isn’t busy with his activities, he enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, hunting and fishing. Indoors finds him carving or building computers. After high school, Arne plans to attend college to study chemistry, biology, medicine or engineering.

Kayla, a senior, is the daughter of of Porfiria Lopez-Trout and Anthony Trout. Friendliness and energy describe this upcoming May graduate. Kayla is not only an excellent student, but she is also involved with sports. Kayla has challenged herself with demanding coursework while in high school and has met that challenge with high marks. In addition, she has been an athlete playing both softball and volleyball all four years of high school. Kayla was not only a player, however, she was also a leader. During her junior year, she was captain of the JV volleyball team, and this year she has been captain of both the varsity volleyball and softball teams. When not involved with school work or sports, Kayla helps out at home taking care of her young nephew, cooking and baking. In fact, after four years as part of the Kodiak High School culinary arts program, Kayla has earned certificates in Pro-Start 1 and 2, and Serve Safe. After she finishes high school, Kayla plans to attend Boise State University to major in culinary arts or physical therapy.

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