Theresa Marie King

Theresa Marie King, born in June 1964, passed away in January of natural causes. Services will be held at the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church on Feb. 4 at 6 p.m. for the memorial service and Feb. 5 at 2 p.m. for the funeral, followed by the grave site service at Kodiak Cemetery. 

She is survived by her mother Eleanor King; uncle Roger and aunt Donna King; brother Robert and sister-in-law Danielle King; brother Kevin and sister-in-law Kim King; nephew Kevin Ivar King Jr.; nieces Chelsea and Tessa King and Mariah Stapleton; and great-nieces Aubrey and Sydney King. She was preceded by her grandfather Ivar Wallin, father Robert A. King and uncle Alvin Wallin.  

Theresa was born in Kodiak and weighed only 4 pounds. Doctors didn’t have much hope for her but sent her home in a shoe box with Robert and Eleanor. There were many unknown times with medical conditions, but the love of her family and her intuitive mother helped her thrive and became a funny, sassy, charismatic young woman.

Theresa excelled in the Special Olympics; the Kings made this a family affair and traveled the state of Alaska with her. Eleanor navigated the school system and fought for her daughter to have an equally valued education. Theresa had a love for nature walks, ice cream and dancing. She loved her feet rubbed and enjoyed the “Wizard of Oz” immensely. Her daily task was to get the Diner’s receipt tape to hide from her parents.  

She is going to be so missed by all of us.

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