Elks students of the quarter from back left, Emily Rivera, Shaun Walton and Gray Harver; front, Wetherleigh Griffin, Ethan Bartz and Nicole Osborne. (Photo courtesy of the Elks Club)

The Elks have announced their Kodiak Middle School students of the third quarter.

Seventh-grader Gray Harver is the son of Casey and Lacey Harver. This year, Gray won the Alaska State Geography Bee and he will be representing Alaska in the National Geography Bee in Washington, D.C., on May 18. Gray loves to read and play the saxophone and he also participates in cross-country, wrestling and swimming. Gray would like to attend college, but does not yet know what he would like to study.

Sixth-grader Wetherleigh Griffin is the youngest daughter of Jared and Michelle Griffin. She hopes to be a teacher or a professional basketball player someday and will strive to achieve awards along the way for her athleticism and intelligence. She is most proud of her Gold Eagle award that she achieved in fifth grade for her excellent grades and has enjoyed being a part of KMS this year because she loves seeing all of her friends from each of the elementary buildings. “Never give up! Never surrender! Work hard all the time” is advice that she would like to share with other students.

Sixth-grader Ethan Bartz is the son of Kendra and Darrin Bartz. Ethan is dedicated to his education, works hard and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to improve his skills. As a member of the drama club, cross country and track team, as well as Kodiak Kingfishers he is able to balance extracurricular activities while achieving proficiency in all subject areas including advanced Math, science and language arts. Currently his favorite subject in school is social studies and one-day he hopes to travel the world and become an engineer.

Seventh-grader Nicole Osborne is the daughter of Robert and Vanessa Osborne. She is currently in advanced English, math, and science at KMS and always exceeds expectations on her assignments. Outside of school, Nicole likes to read and play the violin. Nicole would like to attend college, but does not yet know what she would like to study.

Eighth-grader Emily Riviera is the daughter of Epifanio and Melissa Rivera. The family transferred from Puerto Rico at the beginning of her seventh-grade year. While Emily is an excellent student who has shown an overwhelming ability to succeed academically she still makes time for other activities like track, soccer and teen court. She would like to pursue a career in the military, possibly flying helicopters.

Eighth-grader Shaun Walton is the son of Cindy and Craig Walton. He is in advanced algebra and science class and is dedicated to achieving high scores in all subjects. Outside of academics, Shaun participates in football, basketball, baseball and wrestling at. His future plans encompass attending college, traveling and continuing his endeavors with sports.

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