To the editor:

What children are watching is an issue many don’t see. The increase of violence and sexuality in motion pictures contributes greatly to the many problems parents face with their children. Many parents don’t even realize that the MPAA ratings are inaccurate. Movie ratings today aren’t the same as yesteryear, and this is affecting how parents regulate their children’s movie viewing habits.

Many years ago movies could not display criticisms of religion, lustful kissing and dancing, or curse words. Today’s PG-13 movies are allowed to have cursing, profane and sexual gestures, and killing is acceptable to show to children under the age of 17. If we let children watch these movies, are we saying it is OK to curse, kill or hate someone if they get angry? Then we wonder why each generation seems to rebel more than the previous generation.

We can’t blame one group; the government, the MPAA or our community. This issue needs to be addressed in the home, by parents. Teachers complain about the behavior of students, such as more student tardies, detentions, classes being skipped, and bad attitudes toward teachers. This behavior is greatly due to the influence they get at home from the television and movies they watch.

I urge parents to be sober-minded about what they allow their children to watch, because this will alleviate many behavior issues in the lives of children.

Allyn Monge

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