Sixth grade

• Francine Marcelo is an enthusiastic, organized, and helpful sixth grader at KMS. She speaks three languages: Ilocano, Tagalog, and English, and she takes great pride in her schoolwork. She actively encourages other students to produce their best work and maintain caring, respectful attitudes. Francine also goes out of her way to help new students feel comfortable and welcomed at our school.

She plays the violin, reads mystery novels, and spends time outdoors in her spare time. Francine is interested in fashion and would like to pursue a career as a fashion designer some day. Because of her strong leadership qualities and caring demeanor, Francine is a great asset to KMS teachers and classmates alike.

• The 6th grade teachers at Kodiak Middle School would like to honor Quinn McFarlin with the Rotary award for outstanding character. Quinn lives with his parents, Eric & Joanna McFarlin, Quinn believes that you should always be nice to people and do your work. His teachers have noticed that he lives by these words. Quinn is always kind and helpful to his teachers and classmates, and works hard in his classes. In school, Quinn enjoys studying math and has very strong mathematical reasoning skills. In addition to math, this upbeat young man says he enjoys all his classes. His positive attitude and work ethic help him succeed in other areas of life outside of school, such as sports. Quinn’s favorite sport is football and he is very proud of having scored the most touchdowns for his KFL team, Subway. He hopes to one day go to the NFL. Besides football, Quinn also has an interest in being a chef. An active young man, Quinn loves to fish also. In school and out of school, he keeps busy, works hard, helps others, and stays positive. For these reasons, we are proud to recognize Quinn McFarlin as the recipient of this month’s Rotary Award.

Seventh grade

• Leigh Bruno, the daughter of Alma and Vincente Bruno, is conscientious with an exemplary work ethic. She puts in her best effort and goes above and beyond what is expected. She is responsible, taking ownership of her own learning. She is respectful and kind to students and adults as well as being a role model for her peers. She demonstrates her kindness as she helps and cares for others when they need her assistance. In addition to her integrity, she is also an outstanding school and community citizen. Outside of school, Leigh loves to play the viola and enjoys participating in volleyball and basketball. She also enjoys playing computer games, drawing, and reading.

• The seventh grade teachers at Kodiak Middle School have nominated Junior Suralta, the son of Jerwin and Susan Maximo for the February Rotary Award. Junior is an incredible kid. He displays a positive attitude in everything he does and goes out of his way to help others. At school he is always respectful, courteous, and excited to learn something new, challenging himself to always improve. He is happy to share his ideas and willingly praises others for their accomplishments. In class, he is hardworking and willing to participate. He is friendly and outgoing with his peers and we know we can always count on Junior to do the right thing. In the future, Junior plans to help the world become a better place.

Eighth grade

• Kodiak Middle School 8th grade faculty is pleased to nominate Ken Caldejon son of Rachel and Reden Caldejon as a February Rotary Student. Ken demonstrates strong character through his continued striving for academic excellence, quiet helpfulness to his classmates and respect towards his teachers. Ken daily is a help to several students he sits near in his classes at KMS. Without being asked he helps to keep classmates on track, and focused on their work. Additionally he is involved in KMS basketball, plays football and attends homework club. Ken enjoys practicing basketball, watching movies, listening to music and playing the drums. He works hard to earn high grades and someday wants to study to be an architect.

• Nelly Brevik is an eighth grader at KMS. As a friend of Nelly’s you would definitely agree that she has an exuberant personality and is a very good friend. Nelly goes out of her way to be helpful and include everyone in activities. She often invites friends from her Choir class to “Karaoke Tuesday” and loves to sing. She is the wonderful kind of friend who would give you the shirt off her own back if she thought you needed it. Academically Nelly is a student who loves to read and works very hard to understand new concepts and ideas. Nelly also is a fast runner who has participated in Cross Country in the past and absolutely loves to run.

Nelly cares deeply for animals—especially dogs. Her afterschool job is a dog walker for neighbors. She is reliable rain or shine. In the past, her compassion for pets has inspired her cooking class to make treats for the Kodiak Animal Shelter. Her career ambitions include becoming a vet or vet assistant

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