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Budget cut threatens internet access in rural communities

KODIAK — One of the programs on Governor Mike Dunleavy’s chopping block was Alaska Online With Libraries, which funded high-speed internet access to rural communities throughout the state. For some villages in the Kodiak Island Borough, this may mean an end to affordable internet access.

Fixing That Halibut Habit

I’ve visited the Katmai Coast for over 30 years, cruising by on a research ship in the dead of winter on our way to Dutch Harbor, or working with a BBC film crew for part of a summer as they filmed bears for a documentary. Each time I’m ashore with coastal brown bears, it never ceases to amaze me how smart and adaptable they are. This bear is headed offshore to join the others, not to dig clams or take a dip to cool off, but to fish for flounder. In early summer, their diet is primarily clams and high-protein sedges and other greens. Salmon haven’t started arriving yet. What else to eat? Flounder! The bears have learned how to move slowly through the surf and flush out the flounder that are buried in the sand. 

July 17, 2019 | See more

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